sorry this version has the winning screen blocking the gameplay, we make a fixed version in a different website https://devidration.itch.io/tower-of-doom sorry for the incovinience

The kingdom has been attacked by monsters and they've taken the princess to a tower. Robert the wizard must save her from the monsters, can he make it?

-Left click to shoot

-Hold right click to recharge

-wasd to move


Zero_Kirai for the art (teammate)

Game fonts for the font


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I loved the thumbnail and had a high expectation before clicked. The art is cool and the idea was quite interesting.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play the game, as once I click "Start", it shows "You Won" straight way and I can notice the player can still move (by keyboard) behind, while the monster keeps shooting fireballs, but nothing else happens.

Another issue is that screen is too big, so, at a first try on my laptop it was taking almost the double of the screen without full screen mode. When using a display, it fit well, but still was quite big.

I have a strong feeling the game is fun and enjoyable, so, I will follow and expect to play it when it's possible :D

Best luck!

sorry abt that we cannot change anything since the jam is not over yet so here the link to the fix version https://devidration.itch.io/tower-of-doom  for the moment