you could disable the cloud in the option 

ShootingSpacebar/left click


Coding  - Dev      

Art - Zero_Kirai


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Hi Devidration, I thought this was a pretty solid entry for the game jam! I found this from the Indie Tales discord btw!


As a pixel artist who's learning to improve, I learned a lot from this game. The colours, the brushwork and the effects - 11/10!

The music and sfx are cool as well but they were a little loud (options didn't change the bullet sfx btw). I also like the idea of a changing weapon system.


I think this game has potential to be fleshed out. For eg, you can combine the changing weapon system to a deck builder style game or even just a classic upgrade buller-hell style game.

Adding in a little bit of lore and bosses would be welcome. I think the homing rockets could be a bit faster but otherwise, this was a solid game. Am really interested to see what you will do with this in the future. Awesome job!


Thanks for the advice and for playing our (Dev and Zero_Kirai) game! Glad you enjoyed it :)

ay thanks for coming by and checking the game really appreciated we will think abt continuing the game after the jam and if we get good place we might continue the game and add some bosses.


I like the overall vibes of the game, it gave me medieval industrial revolution vibes. the song fits very well too. the animations are smooth af. I really liked the little details they put in the animations. the movement is also very nice like it feels natural and comfy. ah yeah, the art is marvelous as well I really like the art style, the detail they put even though it's pixel art is fascinating. I hope I can give the coding a little more credit too but it is not really my league and I don't understand much about it. but I must say it is very great, it feels like I'm playing a paid game. 

thanks for playing, the word ur searching for is steampunk thats the theme of the game. btw thanks for playing the game